Big Rock Bridge 2004

Big Rock Creek Big Rock, IL

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Construction Images, 2004


Loaded up and ready to roll.


Digging the abutment holes.


Raising the tower legs with the boom truck.


Tower is complete.


Digging the anchor holes.


A stringer section is prepared for launch.


Stringer section makes its way to the center of the mainline.


The first stay cable is attached.


Jose-Luis and Zak Steigmyer attach a stringer section.


One set of stay cables is completed.


Iron workers assemble a stringer section.


Another stringer section is installed.


Railing posts are installed.

Under deck view.


Kaya inspects the progress.


Diagonal stringers add rigidity.



Wood railing is installed.


Zak secures the decking.

Wood railing and decking are finished.


Jose-Luis snugs down the fasteners under the deck.


Dave Smoot, John Ritchie and Drew Ulberg survey the site. (Client Representatives.)

Marco drills railing boards.


Landscaping is sculpted around the bridge.


View of bridge from downstream.


Detail of cable stays.


View down the finished bridge.


Cable railing termination.


Tower and cable stays.


Shuksan tests the ergonomics of the bridge.