Bitterroot Bridge 2005

Bitterroot River near Conner, MT

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Construction Images , 2004-2005


Erecting the forms.


Tying rebar.


Stabilizing forms.


Finishing the concrete.


Erecting the tower.


Moving the tower into place.


Marco installs the tower on tower base.


Keith drills tower anchor holes.


Erecting tower with boom truck.


Boom truck on hillside.

Towers are complete.


Placing the carriage.


Pouring molten zinc into the socket block.


Jose-Luis and Zak in the basket.


Installing the mainlines.


Staging floor beams.


Hanging suspenders.


Floor beams are installed.


Installation of floor beams.


Zak hanging a floor beam mid-span.

Jennifer, Skye and Conor with Jasper.




Bill Frost observes the installation of floor beams.


Zak, Andrew and Jose-Luis install the last floor beam.


Andrew and Jose-Luis install stringers.


Jose-Luis tightens fasteners.


Stringers are complete.


Rainbow over tower.


Diagonals are installed.


Diagonals making their way across the bridge.


Superstructure nears completion.


Arial view of superstructure.


Andrew on tower.


Superstructure is finished.


Decking makes its way across the bridge.


Decking is fastened to superstructure.


Under deck view.


Cable railing is installed.


Bridge nears completion.


Al, Senior Engineer, inspects the railing.


View from downstream.


Carroll and local rancher survey the bridge.


Bud and Shirley of Bud and Shirley's Drive Inn in Darby pay a visit.


Trapper Peak through the mainlines.


The ramp superstructure is assembled.


Brandon and Jose-Luis install decking on the ramp.


The ramp is attached to the bridge tower.


Ramp nears completion.


Ramp is finished.


Ready for use.


Finished product.


The Bitterroot Bridge Team.