Cassidy Bridge, CA

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Stabilization Images, October 1998

Upriver side; flood damaged bridge is deflected and bent, with log jammed into the truss.              Downriver side; flood damaged bridge showing broken upriver suspenders, deflected mainlines, and  bent truss.


Looking down bridge centerline, showing bent top chord and Keith Monohan installing temporary suspenders.              Carroll Vogel working in harness to attach temporary suspenders.


Bent top chord and distorted mainline.              Bridge centerline view after stabilization work.


Mack McFarland installing temporary suspenders while standing on sawbuck pannier box.                     Mack McFarland working in harness below mainline.


Keith Monohan fabricating new chord members.               View of truss from below bridge after stabilization work.


Carroll's sister Troy Wood with family:  Ray, Stephanie, and Jamie.  Cassidy bridge in background.


Nieces Stephanie and Jamie with Filson, Balloon Dome in the distance.


Bridge Reconstruction Images, May-July 2000

Removing old decking.                    Stringers and damaged truss at mid-span.


Plasma cutting:  Carroll Vogel and Keith Monohan fabricating new floor beams.               Keith Monohan cutting old diagonal braces free with plasma cutter.


Forest Service Engineer and Bridge Inspector Bill Salsig along with Keith Monohan.               Carroll Vogel in sandblasting garb.


Sandblasting, using sand from nearby beach.


Painting new chords, diagonals and verticals.


Beginning truss repair.                    Keith Monohan installing first new gusset plate.


Cutting free bent truss sections:  old chord  member hanging from skyline.                    Same section as previous picture showing new steel components after installation.


Keith Monohan with Dinah Elissat.                    Dinah Elissat with new chord members.


Truss repair in progress, C. Vogel on mainline.                    Aligning the last piece with spud wrenches.


The finished truss.                    Adjusting suspender location on mainline.


New truss components:  floor beam, suspender, diagonal, bottom chord, and sway brace.                    New truss components.


The finished truss, viewed from the tower top.                    The finished truss after adjusting mainlines and suspenders.


The finished truss from below.                    Stringers and bridge blocking prior to installing the deck.


Truss section from below, showing diagonal sway brace system.                    The finished truss from below.


Installing decking.                    Kick rail timber showing joint geometry.


Kick rail joint ready for bolting.


New sill beam arrangement showing sway brace and bottom chord slide fitting.


Keith Monohan completing straightening of damaged tower base.                    Cassidy truss after painting.


Carroll Vogel, Kaya, Keith Monohan, Filson, and Dinah Elissat.


Cassidy Bridge and San Joaquin River, July 2000.


Cassidy Bridge centerline view, July 2000.


Cassidy Bridge after reconstruction and engineering upgrade, July 2000.