Houston Bridge, TX

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Preparing to install helical pile at location of tower base.              Anchor specialist Roy Guildharry and Bridge Builder Keith Monohan preparing to install abutment pile.


Installing battered pile for main cable anchor.              Checking batter of helical anchor for main cable.


Torque indicator and torque motor installing helical anchor.              Abutment form showing tops of helical anchors and rebar cage prior to concrete placement.


Tower abutment after concrete placement.              Transporting tower leg--using plywood sheets under excavator for traveling over brick paths and garden areas.


Moving tower leg with excavator over garden paths.              Preparing to place tower leg.


The first tower leg after installation on the abutment.              Completion of tower 1.


Keith Monohan installing suspenders from bosun's chair on skyline.              Centerline view of bosun's chair and skyline.


Centerline view during decking installation.               Sahale suspender clamp and suspender.


Sahale suspender bar with hawser hand rail.


Project coordinator Joe Mumme with Bridge Builders Keith Monohan, Carroll Vogel and "Khaki"


Railing and fence showing heavy cargo net, suspender bars, and horizontal tension cables.


View down the finished bridge.


View of bridge from the patio.


Centerline view of finished bridge.