Kimberling Creek Bridge, VA

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Lars Henrikson on oil drum raft "The Valdez"                     Peter Henrikson floating tower poles and anchor rods across Kimberling Creek


Laying out tower poles; opposite side tower completed in background                     Setting main anchor form


Assembling tower                     Tilting tower into position


Lars Henrikson forming tower base                     Tower footing


Kimberling bridge tower                     Carroll Vogel on tower top


Landing and stairs under construction                     Attaching floor beams to suspenders


Floor beams and scaffold planks                     Carroll Vogel installing floor beams


Lars Henrikson installing stringers                     Carroll Vogel installing decking


Bridge nearing completion, 1992


Kimberling Creek Bridge, 1995


Spiders love cable bridges!!                     Carroll Vogel at Kimberling Creek, 1995


Kimberling Creek Bridge, 1995