About Sahale

Sahale LLC closed its doors in 2010 after the death of its founder and owner, Carroll Vogel (1954-2010). Carroll’s family and friends maintain this web site as a resource for cable bridge builders and those who love them, and as a tribute to Carroll’s life and work. Carroll was a visionary and gifted bridge builder, responsible for more than 100 long-span trail bridges erected around North America--not to mention hundreds of other shorter timber trail bridges installed in his decades of trailbuilding with Student Conservation Association (SCA) and other organizations.

Carroll has been memorialized elsewhere (links below), and we feel he used his 56 years to build his own memorials , of which the structures found here are a partial catalog. We miss him.

American Trails Tribute

Seattle Times Obituary

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson

For those who remain interested in remote-area projects and cable bridge structures, the following resources may be helpful:

Bridgemeister.com Encyclopedia of North American cable bridges.

Roebling Museum Background on the work of this greatest family of American bridge builders.

A Practical Treatise On Suspension Bridges, Their Design, Construction, and Erection (D.B. Steinman) The seminal reference.

The King Bridge Company Interesting information on these historic 19th century truss bridges.

Seattle Bridge Builders, LLC Remote-area bridge engineering, fabrication and installation services provided and performed by former Sahale personnel.

Ballard Forge Decorative and structural metalsmithing, certified welding, and NDE services in Seattle, Washington.

Treehouse Workshop A site for those of you who are still kids at heart, and yearn for your own special place “way up high.”