Sa Teekh Wa Bridge

Chewuch River Winthrop, WA

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Construction Images , 2006


Jose Luis, Andrew and Marya tie rebar in the north anchor.



Placing concrete in the south anchor.


Marya setting forms on north tower abutment.



Pumping concrete into north abutment.


Pumping concrete into north abutment.



Carroll maneuvers a tower leg into position.


Aaron and Marco plumb a tower leg.



Aaron awaits a tower crossmember.


Installing the tower diagonals.



Assembling the south tower.


A stringer is staged with the boom truck.



The fisrt stringers are prepared for launch.


Rebecca tightens stringer fasteners.



Jose-Luis makes a fastener run.


Superstructure in place.



Utility pipes are installed in bridge


Steve installs pipe rollers.



Brandon tightens the sway cable fasteners.


Decking makes its way across the bridge.



Miles transports decking for the next section.


Brandon and Marty install wood railing.



Rebecca, Marty and Aaron install cable railing.



The bridge in winter.



The bridge in summer.


Sun sets on north tower of bridge.



Sahale Timber and cable railing system.