Engineered Steel Bridge Gallery

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Blum Creek Bridge, 2002

Fabricating stringer splice joint, Blum Creek Bridge.                     Installing stringers, 100' span Blum Creek Bridge, WA.


Blum Creek Stringer. Cleaning snow from Blum Creek Bridge before decking.


Decking Blum Creek Bridge.                     Blum Creek decking, milled from wester red cedar salvaged from site.


Engineer Al Highberger and grandson Bryce on Blum Creek Bridge.


Blum Creek Bridge in winter.


Bridle Crest Trail Bridge, 2000

Bridle Crest Bridge, King County Parks, WA Completed Bridle Crest Bridge. This Sahale bridge was installed by King County World Conservation Corps.


Carkeek Bridge, 2004

Carkeek Bridge Stringers Railing is installed on Carkeek Bridge


Sky inspects Carkeek Bridge


Centerline view of Carkeek Bridge Railing Detail on Carkeek Bridge


Oblique view of Carkeek Bridge


Deepwater Bridge, 2002

Deepwater Bridge piles Under deck view of Deepwater Bridge


Oblique view of Deepwater Bridge View of Deepwater Bridge from downstream


Al Highberger and centerline view of Deepwater Bridge


Deepwater Bridge final inspection


Maple Leaf Reach Bridges, 2007

Maple Leaf Reach stringers are installed Maple Leaf Reach guard rails are installed


Railing getting installed on Maple Leaf Reach


Oblique view of both Maple Leaf Reach Bridges Maple Leaf Bridge Centerline


Maple Leaf Bridge from Upstream


Pioneer Park Bridge, 2004

Pioneer Park Bridge with Steel Deck Pioneer Park Bridge upon Completion


Redmond Bridge, 2003

Collin Creek Bridge:  Steel superstructure with concrete panel deck and cable railing system at Redmond Watershed Preserve, WA.


Taylor Creek Bridge, 2000

Taylor Creek Bridge:  Steel superstructure ready for decking and fascia. Finished Taylor Creek Bridge.


Elevation view of steel superstructure. Steel bridge with deck, fascia, and railing.


Members of King County World Conservation Corps assembling Taylor Creek Bridge.                    


Completed Taylor Creek Bridge. Railing, deck, and fascia on steel superstructure.


Tiger Mountain Bridge, 2007

Tiger Mountain Bridge with Cable Railing. Photo Aaron Nelson Tiger Mountain Bridge Under concrete deck. Photo by A.N.


Post Detail of Tiger Mountain Bridge.  Photo by A.N. End Cap Detail of Tiger Mountain Bridge.  Photo by A.N.


Complete Tiger Mountain Bridge.  Photo by A.N.