Warranty:  SAHALE, LLC, specializes in the design, engineering, renovation, and construction of trail and other light-duty bridges. SAHALE'S scope of operation is international and our expertise and reputation is built upon a proven ability to design and fabricate pre-engineered, pre-manufactured cable bridge structures and erect them in remote locations safely and with minimal environmental disturbance. The design and engineering process for a SAHALE Bridge brings together a team of engineers, material suppliers, and builders to work with the client to produce a bridge that is modular, simple to erect, and aesthetically pleasing. Sahale stringer, timber, cable-stay, suspension, and post-tensioned cable bridges and other trail structures are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years after installation. SAHALE also provides bridge inspection, retro-fit, upgrade, and tune-up services on existing bridges as well as training of service personnel in cable bridge maintenance.


Design Process and Scope of Work:  SAHALE works with the client to develop design parameters for the proposed bridge or trail structure. SAHALE Bridges are designed to carry live loads as specified by the client. Unless specified otherwise, SAHALE Bridges are designed to meet the parameters of AASHTO Guide Specifications for Design of Pedestrian Bridges, 1997 Edition. Live load deflection typically shall be limited to 1/360 of the span, unless specified otherwise by the client. SAHALE will work with the client to quantify any special loading requirements such as seismic, wind, snow, etc., as required. SAHALE shall furnish a complete set of shop drawings for approval by the client prior to fabrication. All structural members including fabricated steel, hardware, rigging, timbers, glu-laminated lumber, etc., shall be furnished as detailed in the plans and specifications. A registered professional engineer stamps all SAHALE shop drawings. SAHALE shall also make available to the client prior to fabrication the final structural load and reaction analysis conducted by SAHALE engineers on the bridge or structure design. Such analysis includes both comprehensive hand calculations and computer evaluation of the bridge for live, dead, wind, and seismic loads.


Product support:  SAHALE will provide one annual bridge inspection and training of maintenance personnel 12-18 months after bridge installation on those bridges that are installed by SAHALE crews. In cases where SAHALE Bridges are installed by others, a SAHALE representative will provide on-site product support as agreed with the client. In all cases a SAHALE representative will participate in a final inspection of the bridge structure at no additional charge.