Wind River Bridge, WA

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Old Wind River Bridge


View upriver, with fishway in foreground                     The original tower; note mainlines on ground, handrail cables atop tower.  The yellow and orange item is a transit tripod.


View down centerline of the old bridge                     The old bridge, note boards that have been used to patch broken deck planks


View of old bridge with fishway below.  The machinery in lower left is an air compressor we had lowered to the site via skyline in order to drill the rock anchors.


Keith Monohan drilling rock anchor.                     Keith heating the crucible to melt zinc for socketing.


This is the original mainline after it has been "seized" and "broomed" for socketing.                     After brooming, the socket is slid up the cable into position and sealed at the base with putty.


Pouring molten zinc into the socket.                     The finished socket.


Keith Jellerson and Roger Babcock mixing and pouring concrete for the new tower footing.                     Keith Jellerson finishing the concrete.  Note that the mainlines are temporarily supported above the concrete by timbers.


Keith Monohan installing the new tower base under the mainlines.                     Keith Monohan completing the tower installation.


K. Monohan installing new open grip grating deck plank.                     More deck and floor beam installation.


View through the new deck to the river below.                     View downriver, before attaching the fence.


Wind River Bridge in 1999, with Engineer Al Highberger (center), brother-in-law Keith Mees, and Filson.


New deck, with fencing installed on one side.                     Wind River Bridge, 1999, with Audrey Highberger (R) and sister-in-law Dorothy Mees.