Islandwood Bridge

Bainbridge Island, WA

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Sahale Earth Anchors ready for concrete.          Forming tower abutments.


Keith Monohan, Bryce Thompson and Marco Ernandes tying steel.


Site mixing high strength concrete.


Trailering the tower legs over trail to the bridge site.


Assembling the east tower.           Marco Ernandes at the tower top.


Marco Ernandes trailering tower legs over trail to the west abutment.


Preparing to socket the main cables.         Marco Ernandes pouring molten zinc into bridge bowl.


Keith Monohan on the bosun's chair.


Drafter Eric Tregoning and Senior Engineer Al "Mike" Highberger.


Keith Monohan and Carroll Vogel (F) and Eric Tregoning, Al Highberger, and Marco Ernandes (R).


Assembling Superstructure.          Assembling Superstructure.


Delivering and placing stringer.           Partially assembled superstructure.


Superstructure showing floor beams, stringers and suspenders.


View of bridge from the west.          Deck and railings under construction.


Marco Ernandes with mag drill.


Daughter Skye on the bosun's chair with her mom, and my partner, Jennifer Knauer behind.


Two year old Skye on the bosun's chair.


Carroll Vogel "Dad" on the bosun's chair.


Marco Ernandes installing sway cables.


Keith and Marco discussing who's on first.


Final stages of construction.


Equal departure angles at the tower top.          Suspender bar and handrail pipe detail.


Nephews Bryce and Austin Thompson installing decking.


Ready for fencing.


Islandwood Bridge, open for business.


West side main anchor bridge rods.


View of bridge from the west.


Another view from the west.


Centerline view from the west.          Centerline view from the east.


Centerline view from the west.



East tower.            Underdeck view from the west.


Islandwood Bridge.