Islandwood Suspension Bridge, 2002

Bainbridge Island, WA

Satellite view of Bridge Location. (resolution not high enough to see bridge.) View Larger Map

Students enjoying Islandwood Suspension Bridge.USE:  Pedestrian

SPAN:  190'


TOWERS:  22' tall, W10 x 39 weathering steel wide flange beam.

ANCHORS:  Sahale earth anchor w/ 1-1/4" x 150 ksi anchor rods each mainline.

MAINLINES:  1-1/8", A-586, 1x55 Galvanized Bridge Strand.


Islandwood --- A School in the Woods --- is a premier residential outdoor/environmental learning center situated on 255 acres on Bainbridge Island, WA.  Opening in 2001, the campus is an award winning testament to "green" architecture/design.  The great hall/welcome center, dining hall, art studio, learning studios, and sleeping lodges sport numerous sustainable elements including extensive use of solar power and water heating, recycled materials, renewable resource construction materials, composting toilets, and cistern stormwater collection.  An on-site tertiary wastewater treatment facility, the Living Machine (TM), naturally cleans up to 3,000 gallons of water daily.

Islandwood offers a wide range of programs for adults, children, families, and professionals.  Residential sessions and community events offer hands-on learning and fun for people of all ages, covering diverse topics like sustainable design, natural science, outdoor adventure, and the arts. Islandwood's approach to education is focused on encouraging lifelong learning and helping children and adults understand how their actions make a Centerline view from west abutment.difference in the world.

Beyond the developed area of the site, several miles of trails carry visitors to numerous natural features including a pond, bog, stream, and a labyrinth of forested slopes and ravines covered in Douglas fir, cedar, hemlock, salal, vine maple, and oregon grape.  Even nearby Blakely Harbor, a historic center of the early timber industry in Puget Sound, is accessible by trail.  A number of unique structures are also linked by the trail system, including a bird blind, treehouse, pond learning center, and floating classroom.  Sahale was responsible for design and construction of the Islandwood trail system; that trail system connects a bird blind, a treehouse, the pond learning center, a floating classroom, a Canopy Tower, and, of course, the Sahale-built Islandwood suspension bridge that serves as a signature structure of the environmental learning center.






     The Building of IslandWood Bridge