Baker Lake Trail Gallery

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The Baker Lake Trail is located on the Mt. Baker Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, WA. Situated along the east bank of Baker Lake, this project involved the construction of the middle seven miles of the 14-mile trail. The trail location followed an historic lumbering and mining route dating from the 19th century. At the time of construction, very little of the early trail remained in evidence.

Long sections of the new trail were laid out along the rocky cliffs that drop into Baker Lake on its eastern shore. Construction required the drilling of more than two miles of blast holes, and the consumption of 3,000 pounds of dynamite and other explosives over a two-year period. There was no possibility for overland access to the trail in this rugged area, so construction machinery was barged across the lake to Noisy Creek and the trail was built from there southward with logistical support provided by skiff and barge. Construction of the trail also involved the building of a number of bridges, including Noisy Creek (77'), Silver Creek (50'), Blum Creek (100'), and the Baker River Cable Stay Bridge (240'). This low-elevation trail is accessible to recreationists throughout much of the year.


   Robert Mitton pushing the barge to Noisy Creek with skiff.


Landing the barge at Noisy Creek.


Russ Dalton and Robert Mitton: Kubota with drilling attachment.                Robert Mitton drilling from Kubota bucket.


Rock section: Before construction.                Rock section: After construction.


Robert Mitton moving barge with skiff.                Jeremy Eyre moving barge with skiff.


Baker Lake at sunset during winter.


Russ Dalton and Jeremy Eyre double team the rock drill to drill a 5' deep blast hole.            Kubota with compressor above lake on new trail.


Carroll Vogel drilling rock for blast hole.                Russ Dalton with dynamite stick.


Will Turner repairing Kubota in the field:  Welding cracks in boom.                Thirty year old abandoned turnpike section on old Baker Lake trail.


Kubota placing rock "green side up" adjacent to finished trail tread.


Russ Dalton loading ANFO and Dynamite in drill hole.


Cliff section before excavation.                Cliff section after excavation.


Russ Dalton and Roger Babcock drilling rock above Kubota.            Roger Babcock drilling backslope from Kubota roof.


Roger Babcock drilling backslope from Kubota roof.       Finished trail though vertical rock.


Kubota working cliff above Baker Lake.             Rock drill with tamping stick, rock bar, drill steel and shovel.


Filson in the boat


Jennifer Knauer with Filson and Dylan.