Trail Construction


Sub-alpine trail high on the slopes of Mt. Baker.USE:  Pedestrian, Equestrian, Cyclist, and Off-Road Vehicle

SURFACES:  Mineral, Compacted Gravel, Armored Tread and Asphalt


STRUCTURES:  Turnpike, Elevated Trail, Boardwalk and Causeway

DRAINAGE:  Ditches, Culvert, Check Dams, Geo-Textiles

SITE RESTORATION:  Planting, Erosion Control, Trail Obliteration

TRAINING OFFERED:  Trail Construction, Rigging Systems, Crosscut Saw Maintenance and Use, Equipment Operation


Sahale has extensive experience with the construction of nearly every type of trail archetype commonly found in National Parks and Forests, urban and metropolitan open spaces, designated Wilderness, and other natural landscapes. Since 1990, crews led by Carroll Vogel have constructed more than 100 miles of trail for the full spectrum of recreational users. Notable recreational trail construction projects include: the ADA-accessible Mercer Slough Interpretive Trail, Bellevue, WA; Baker Lake and Scott Paul Trails, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, WA (13 miles); Windy Ridge and Bear Butte Trails, ID (24 miles); Burnt Lake Trail, An interpretive wetland trail in Bellevue, WAMt Hood Wilderness, OR (7 miles); and the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Walker Valley Off-Road Vehicle Trails (28 miles).

Sahale uses modern methods for trail construction in non-Wilderness designated areas. Among these are the use of Kubota mini-excavators for trail tread excavation, chain saws for falling, bucking and clearing, chain saw and mechanical winches for movement of heavy objects, air compressors, pneumatic and gas-powered rock drills for rock drilling and structure assembly, and trail bikes for equipment and material mobilization.

For projects in Wilderness, Sahale is accomplished at the use of cross-cut saws and human powered rigging systems to accomplish difficult construction and and trail building tasks in the most remote areas in America. Carroll Vogel maintains an extensive collection of traditional tools for non-motorized trail building, and is renowned for his knowledge in the care and maintenance of traditional two-person cross-cut saws.

Trail construction in vertical rock. Sahale has earned its reputation for innovative design and implementation of projects having limited access, heightened environmental sensitivity, and severe logistical constraints. Specialized, efficient methods and techniques developed by Sahale permit completion of difficult projects in remote areas with maximum sensitivity to the environment. Among these are the application of hybrid tools, equipment and appropriate technology methods to accomplish remote area projects safely and efficiently. Sahale is adept at utilizing numerous methods for movement of materials and personnel into and over rugged terrain including helicopters, pack and saddle stock, all terrain vehicles, and skyline rigging systems. Additionally, Sahale has a unique expertise in the construction application of explosives for work in vertical rock, environmentally sensitive, or inhabited areas.

Sahale takes pride in its role as a preeminent resource for the accomplishment of the most difficult and demanding tasks associated with engineering and construction in natural environments.