Mercer Slough Trail Gallery

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Mercer Slough Trail is located in the heart of Bellevue, WA. It is situated along both sides of Mercer Slough, just above its outlet into Lake Washington, and encompasses an area formerlly occupied by commercial blueberry farms. Much of the trail is an elevated boardwalk, floating on a mat of vegetation capping a peat bog nearly 100 feet deep. The centerpiece of the project is a 100' Continental Bridge over the Slough, and a canoe dock, both of which were constructed as part of the Mercer Slough Project, in 1994. Construction involved operation of equipment in sensitive areas, and soft ground necessitated the movement of material and machinery only over the boardwalk, constructing it much like a railroad. The bridge was delivered up the Slough via barge, and 90' piles were driven into the bog to support the bridge abutments. Today, Mercer Slough Trail has become a favored destination of walkers, joggers, and school groups alike and is recognized as a landmark recreational asset in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.


Paul Adler setting sleepers.


Sleepers ready for stringers and deck.


Crew laying stringers and decking.


Boardwalk alignment before construction.


Boardwalk alignment after construction.


Winding boardwalk.               Boardwalk along old blueberry farm.


Lars Henrikson delivering stringers.


Ian Jamison, Paul Adler, Lars Henrikson and Steve Lohrentz on their way to work.


Continental Bridge, adjacent to foundation piles prior to placement of concrete cap.


Assembling two halves of Continental Bridge with crane (on barge).


Top of bridge piles, prior to setting of concrete cap.          Paul Adler delivering concrete on the barge.


Centerline view of the Continental Bridge before decking installation.


Winching bridge onto abutments