Scott Paul Trail Gallery

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Scott Paul Trail is located on the Mt. Baker Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, WA. Situated high on the south flank of Mt. Baker, this project involved the construction of 7 miles of trail over Sulphur Moraine, much of it at or above timberline. Building trail with a small Kubota excavator, the crew moved their base camp high on the mountain, working late into the Fall. The vistas from Sulphur Moraine are magnificent, and Scott Paul, who laid out the original alignment for this trail, made the most of every opportunity to locate the trail with panoramic excess in mind. Carroll Vogel was well into construction of the trail in 1993, then known as Sulphur Moraine Trail, when Scott Paul lost his life in a tragic bridge building accident in Oregon. In recognition of Scott's contributions to trail building, and in deference to their friendship, Carroll and his crew proclaimed a new name: Scott Paul Trail, placing an official looking sign at the trailhead without consulting the Forest Service beforehand. The name has never been challenged, and today the Scott Paul Trail is renown as a premier sub-alpine day hike in the North Cascades, located a mere two-hour drive from Seattle.


Base Camp on Sulphur Moraine


Base Camp:  Wall tent at night.


Excavating trail above base camp with Kubota.


Shane Elen and Dave Boyer.


Dave Boyer.


Brian Highberger.


Brian Highberger with Kubota.


Excavating trail across the moraine.


Carroll Vogel excavating with Kubota.


 Mechanized trail building at 6000 feet.


Kubota excavator and Mt. Baker.


Paul Adler, Kate Wood and Dave Boyer.


Beginning trail excavation across upper moraine.


Upper moraine trail excavation, 3 days later.


One of two brothers:  Carroll Vogel.


The second of two brothers:  Brian Highberger.


Base camp and the view north to Mt. Baker.


The view south from base camp, Glacier Peak in the distance.