Timber Bridges



USE:  Pedestrian, Equestrian, Cyclist, and Light Vehicle


TRAVEL WIDTH :  3'-12'

TIMBER:  Native Timber, Log, Sawn, and Treated Glu-Lam

DECK:  Native or Treated Timber

RAILING:  Native Timber, Treated Timber, Cable, or Woven Wire


Sahale Founder Carroll Vogel developed his reputation as a bridge and trail builder through his work at National Parks and Forests around the country since 1975. Much of this work involved the design and construction of native timber bridges, and in 1986, he introduced the idea of hardware-free design for Wilderness native timber bridges while directing a national training program in trail and bridge construction. The images here and in the gallery show examples of Carroll's timber bridges, including more recent Sahale projects using engineered timber bridges. If you are particularly interested in the hardware-free, Wilderness style bridge, there is a link to a detailed sketch of plans for this bridge in the timber bridge gallery.  

Sahale designs and manufactures timber bridges today as a specialty order item. Our timber bridges are engineered to meet AASHTO design standards for pedestrian and light vehicle bridges, where applicable. Sahale timber bridges can be provided with a variety of deck and railing options, per client specification.

Sahale timber bridges can be pre-manufactured or constructed on site, per client request. Sahale works with the client to design a bridge around site limitations such as limited access, equipment restrictions, and environmental factors, and provides the necessary technical guidance in how to solve logistical and construction dilemmas associated with building at remote bridge sites.