Trail Planning and Design


Whatcom Creek Trail, Bellingham, WA.USE:  Pedestrian, Equestrian, Cyclist, and Off-Road Vehicle Trails

TREAD SURFACE DESIGN:  Mineral, Compacted Gravel, Armored Tread and Asphalt

STRUCTURE DESIGN:  Bridges, Turnpike, Elevated Trail, Boardwalk, Causeway

DRAINAGE DESIGN:  Ditches, Culvert, Check Dams, Geo-Textiles

TRAIL LAYOUT:  Surveying, Alignments, Cost Estimating

MITIGATION:  Sensitive areas, Wetlands, Site Restoration





Sahale, LLC specializes in the creation of sustainable outdoor recreation landscapes and has extensive experience with the design of nearly every type of trail archetype commonly found in National Parks and Forests, urban and metropolitan open spaces, designated Wilderness, and other natural landscapes. Sahale offers its clients a full range of design services, including planning, engineering, cost estimating, project management, and coordination of public participation in the planning process.

Notable master planning efforts by Sahale include: the Redmond Watershed Preserve in Redmond, Washington; Whatcom Creek Greenway in Bellingham, WA, and the United States Navy Submarine Base in Bangor, WA. Master planning also includes the Canopy Project for Curry County, OR, an effort to create the worlds largest tree top trail in the Oregon Coast Range.

Sahale offers a wide range of environmental and outdoor recreation management services including land use planning, permitting, and development of environmental mitigation strategies for recreational trails and trail structures. Sahale excels in the facilitation of public involvement in the planning process, particularly where mitigation of conflict between user groups, accommodation of multiple uses, and education regarding trail design standards and impacts of recreation activities is a primary objective. Other services offered include grant writing, quantitative and qualitative approaches to social and natural factor data collection and analysis, evaluation of environmental impacts associated with recreational activities on natural landscapes, and ecological restoration of disturbed sites. To ensure maximum accuracy in recreation trail system planning, design and cost estimation, Sahale makes use of computerized databases, global positioning systems and computer-aided drafting and design.

Equestrian trail travelway clearance.